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BMW and MINI release Data Storage Watches

BMW and MINI release Data Stor...
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A portable USB drive incorporated into a wristwatch - we were impressed by the idea when we first discovered the MEMIX watch, and now BMW and MINI have jointly released their own versions of a Memory Watch. Storing up to 128MB of data via an internal memory card, both watches emulate the style of the automotive namesakes - the BMW with its black and chrome facade and the colourful MINI with its orange accented numbers.

Both watches are shock proof, anti-static and water resistant and feature a standard USB interface, USB extension cord and an integrated USB plug.

Initially, both watches will come with pre-stored data - the MINI watch can download and customize a MINI program on their own desktop and the BMW watch comes loaded with the brand's merchandising catalogue that can be downloaded for speedy browsing of BMW accessories line.

The BMW Memory Watch and the MINI Memory Watch have both been released in thestates and cost US$128. Follow the links below for more information.

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