In-air mouse lets you leave the desk behind

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The Ultra GT Cordless Optical Mouse features a its unique "in-air" motion-sensing capability that allows the user to accurately control the cursor with movements more akin to waving a wand than using a mouse. The Ultra GT can be used on the desk or at a distance of up to 10 metres and includes software that allows consumers to assign commonly used computing tasks to in-air gestures.

Designed to relieve problems associated with repetitive mouse movements, the latest Gyration "in-air" wireless mouse has an increased range and an RF receiver half the size of the previous version and there's no line-of-site requirement.

The Ultra GT Cordless Optical Mouse is available as a standalone or packaged with a choice of two multimedia keyboard options.

The Ultra GT Cordless Optical Mouse is available from and costs AUD$199.

A professional version that doubles as a remote for presentations to a range of 30 metres is also available.

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