KTM Superbike Concept RC8

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Wednesday October 29, 2003The RC8 Concept Bike is a statement of KTM's long term vision for the road that employs innovative design to achieve a radical concentration of its mass around the compact 75' V2 engine. For example, the seat is the tank, keeping fuel at the machine's centre of gravity, the dry sump lubrication allows the entire exhaust system to sit directly under the engine where it has the least influence on dynamics and the fairing is designed to produce the least possible crosswind drag for enhanced agility and aggressive steering ability.Despite KTM's "First the function, then the beauty" motto, these images of the RC8 Concept attest the powerful lines and unique character resulting from the this approach.The RC8 concept is showing at the 37th Tokyo motor show.Technical Specification:Engine: KTM LC8 engineDisplacement: 999.8ccFrame: Tubular chromoly space frameDry weight: approx. 175 kgTransmission: 6 gears, dog-clutch engagementTop speed: 280 km/h

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