Monday December 15, 2003Two bikes seen for the first time as concept bikes at the Paris Motor Show are already rumoured to have been given the green light to go into production. Yamaha introduced its radical MT-01 concept bike to the amazement of all at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, shoveling the air-cooled, V-twin 1600 cc Road Star motor into what is essentially a TZ250 racing chassis, producing a motorcycle very reminiscent of the Harley-engined Buell: very compact, light, quick-steering and an engine-on-wheels.

The bike is specced as a race bike, with high performance brakes, upside down front forks, and racing rear suspension, and fat low-ratio rubber.The massive twin is also a structural part of the chassis so weight and centre of gravity could be kept low.The other concept bike shown recently in European shows, the MT-03 is almost certain to see production during 2004 and is best described as a Roadster Motard.

Based on the 660cc Yamaha single motor, the bike and is expected to be brought to market in the key French market within a year.Very much the embodiment of the light, lean and purposeful classic big single, the MT-03 has been modernised and styled aggressively and with a production decision following so closely on the first showing, the reaction must have been incredibly positive.

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