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Four door convertible fridge

Four door convertible fridge
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May 11, 2005 Samsung has unveiled a four-door convertible refrigerator with four zones, each with adjustable temperature settings to allow customised food storage. The four zones each have independent temperature control and can hence be configured to specific needs as needs change, offering unprecedented flexibility for food storage. For example, consumers can convert refrigerator space to freezer space to prepare for holiday entertaining, then they can increase their refrigerator capacity to store the leftovers when the party is over.

The unique four-zone system provides precise and independent temperature control to optimize storage for different items. Users can adjust the climate in different zones to keep ice cream extra-cold or soft freeze vegetables to prevent spoiling.

Two convertible drawers offer high temperature settings (50 ° F – Wine Chilling) and low temperature settings (-13 ° F – Quick Freeze) in addition to standard refrigerator, freezer and soft freeze settings.

Drawers can convert from refrigerator to freezer and back again. A large digital LCD panel controls the cooling zones and provides convenient, intuitive operation.

The Convertible Refrigerators feature 25 cubic feet of storage capacity. Samsung's exclusive time divided multicycle (TDM) system includes four separate evaporators to ensure optimal temperature and humidity for all sections. The TDM system keeps produce fresh for longer, and the four completely divided compartments ensure easy organization of groceries. The independence of the sections prevents odor transfer and allows foods to be kept separate, to maintain a healthy storage environment.

he four-door refrigerator features a clean, modern design and stainless steel tubular handles. Two colors will be available for the US market, Black and Stainless. The refrigerator also features a two-minute door alarm and an optional built-in beverage station with ice maker.

The Samsung Four-Door Convertible Refrigerator will be available in September 2005 and priced at US$2,999.

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