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Disposable battery-operated toothbrush

Disposable battery-operated toothbrush
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August 31, 2005 You might find this hard to believe, particularly after we gave Oralbotics a bollocking for their overly zealous copywriting, but we’ve been trialing the new Oral-B Pulsar Manual Toothbrush for over a week now and we’re all incredibly impressed. Three people have been trying out the battery-operated toothbrush, and the company’s claims that the Pulsar will “redefine clean” have moved from ridiculous to reasonable . Specifically, the brush gives a result that has never been attained by any method of teeth cleaning this side of a dentist, and it is so good at getting in between teeth that you could almost go without flossing.

Now it’s called a manual toothbrush, presumably because Oral B wants to create its own category that it can “win” but marketing trickery aside, it has a battery and it buzzes so hard it attains a harmonic vibration more commonly associated with other personal battery-powered devices, so we cannot see why they insist on calling it a manual toothbrush – so if the advertising and packaging is confusing you, be sure that the toothbrushes name is no misnomer – it does pulse and it is most definitely electric.

The Pulsar works by using the aforementioned harmonic vibration to independently move the yellow micropulse bristles that pivot and 'pulse' back and forth. These pulsations invigorate the micropulse bristles to become 'power flossers' that lift out food and plaque from between teeth … it sounds like marketing bumff but its true.

The Oral-B Pulsar brush head also has a split-head design offering a flexibility in movement that adjusts to the contours of the teeth and gums better than a fixed brush head. This facilitates improved brushing of the total tooth surface area, and provides an effective means to clean more with each stroke. It’s also ideal for ensuring that your tongue gets a good going over – research shows that tongue cleaning is actually more effective at combating bad breath than teeth cleaning – and the 'pulsations' are soothing and deliver a sensory experience every time you brush. Yep – we’re sold. The most amazing thing is the price. That's probably where the disposable tag comes in.

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