September 23, 2005 American cookware manufacturer LifeWare Technologies has announced the launch of a new line of cookware that it claims electromechanically reduces the number of free radicals created from food oxidization during the cooking process.

Oxidation creates harmful free radicals and carcinogens while also degrading vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The company web site shows a number of convincing “with and without Lifeware” imagesand once we'd found that the cookware runs a micro-current through the food whilst it is being cooked, thanks to a AA battery in the handle, the patented methodology of delivering “an almost unlimited supply of electrons to the food as it is being cooked” makes sense, and if the company’s claims are correct, it could be a landmark breakthrough in the preparation of healthier food.

The following information is drawn directly from LifeWare's press information verbatim. We’re currently seeking more information.

Research shows that there are risks associated with eating cooked food. Cooking temperatures as low as 117 degrees F, create noticeable signs of oxidation in the food's molecules. The most harmful is the production of free radicals which rob valuable electrons from our body's cells, opening them up to viruses and permanent cell damage. The cell then attempts to stabilize itself by robbing electrons from other neighboring cells causing a "chain reaction" of damage. The oxidization during cooking also creates other harmful compounds and carcinogens, such as acrylamides and breaks down unsaturated (good) fats to saturated (bad) fats.

Two scientists in Cleveland, Ohio discovered that by supplying a continuous, almost unlimited, stream of electrons to the food during the cooking process reduced the effects of oxidation and stabilized the food molecules. A similar process is used in bridges to prevent rust and corrosion. LifeWare's patented technology reduces the production of free radicals formed during the cooking process by providing an almost unlimited supply of electrons to the food as it is being cooked. By doing so, free radicals are stabilized prior to entering the body via the cooked food. Third party testing has determined that food cooked with LifeWare Technology retains more of its natural nutrients such as valuable vitamins, minerals and unsaturated (good fats.)

The technology to supply a source of electrons during the cooking process was patented and further developed into a line of cookware. This new product line will be marketed by LifeWare Technologies through direct TV and various reseller programs.

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