April 23, 2006 The electric-powered clothes washing machine was invented less than 100 years ago. Before that time, was the washboard (now better known as a musical instrument) and before that clothes were washed by hand using a variety of instruments, most notably the worlds’ favourite all-time multipurpose tool, the rock! The science of cleaning our clothes has advanced rapidly in the last few decades, and a new washing system from LG that incorporates steam technology to clean clothes without the use of detergent is a significant breakthrough. The steam capability can be used as a stand-alone 20-minute SteamFresh Cycle, which refreshes clothing, or combined with a normal hot or warm water wash cycle for better cleaning and a reduction in wrinkles.

Not quite as historically significant but worth a mention for those interested in making the most of their time, is the Remote Monitoring System. Also from LG, the system has a remote monitor that enables consumers to monitor cycle progress while they focus on other activities around the home. The remote monitor shows the progress and remaining time on the washing, refreshing and drying cycles. This system, which utilizes Power Line Communication (PLC) technology, is easy to use and works by simply plugging the monitor into any electrical outlet within the home.

Accordingly, LG’s new SteamWasher with remote monitoring capability is quite a weapon and goes to the top of the list for available laundry technology. The menu-driven blue LCD control panel offers three languages— English, French and Spanish. The unit’s matching dryer features dual humidity sensors, which more accurately detect dampness — even in small loads — helping to ensure that clothes are not damp or “overheated” at the end of a cycle.

The LG SteamWasher is available in a white and midnight blue finish at a suggested retail price ranging from US$1,499 to US$1,599 for the washer, and US$1,049 to US$1,199 for the dryer. The LG Remote Monitoring Laundry accessory package is available for US$99.

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