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The Beerbelly – stealth beverage container

The Beerbelly – stealth beverage container
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April 28, 2006 The Beerbelly enables you to take up to 80oz. (2.4 litres) of your favorite beverage wherever you wish ... disguised as a beer belly. Primarily designed to avoid the high price of drinks at sporting events, movies etcetera, and to enable the consumption of alcohol where it’s not allowed, the device is still legally applicable to a wide range of leisure pursuits. The Beerbelly uses an insulated neoprene “sling” and a polyurethane “bladder” worn under your clothing for concealment, masquerades perfectly as a genuine beerbelly, and stays cold for hours!

The Beerbelly is not exactly a socially or legally responsible and things could get ugly if you are apprehended, but the Beerbelly web site has thought of all this, offering helpful advice should you be challenged with the device in situ. In such situations the web site has a range of helpful and in some cases quite humourous strategies.

That’s it - at the prices they charge for beer at a sporting event these days (US$7 is common) the ROI (Return On Investment) on the US$34.95 Beerbelly could actually be 100% inside a few hours at the ballgame. There’s also a deluxe version with a number of accessories at US$49.95. European readers can buy the beerbelly here.

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