June 19, 2006 It’s hard to imagine someone paying UKP260 (US$481.55) for a mousemat but that’s exactly what punters will be able to do now that Formula 1 has developed its very own merchandising range. Merchandising brings in millions to each of the 11 teams that compete in the world’s most expensive sport and most watched sporting series, so it was good sense to develop a whole range of polo shirts, watches and keyrings designed to reflect the stellar brand values and upmarket price tags. The carbon fibre and leather mousemat was designed “using state of the art automotive 3D modelling software” and is hand-made in England by specialist composite technicians who make Formula One monocoques. Slightly cheaper but looking perhaps even more the part is a solid carbon fibre mousemat (there isn’t a square millimetre of leather anywhere near a Formula One car or driver) which sells for UKP250 (US$463) but unfortunately, the beautiful carbon fibre weave surface isn’t compatible with optical mouses – so make sure you check the image library so you get the right one – it’d be a shame to sell the kids for a mousemat that wasn’t compatible with your Microsoft Mouse.

Not surprisingly, the whole range is distinctly upmarket to match the stellar brand values and you can also purchase a cap, watch, keyring, wallet, photo frame, T-shirt or body warmer emblazoned with the exclusive F1 logo. As is entirely befitting the world's most expensive mousepad, it comes wrapped in F1 tissue paper and presented in a luxury matt black box subtly highlighted with the F1 Formula 1 logo.

It’s available here if you need to be the first on your block with one of these beauties.

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