November 5, 2006 Somewhere between a monster truck and a lightweight high-spec, space-framed racing 4x4 with a liberal helping of mountain goat thrown in is the Rhino, which is not to be confused with the world’s toughest bus, the Rhino Runner. The Honda-powered 2.0 litre Rhino is a product of the deserts of Nevada and has evolved such remarkable go-anywhere capabilities that the company is now offering a fully accessorized “Search and Rescue” RTV, which was unveiled at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas last week. The Rhino RTV is a new type of off-road vehicle that with the addition of purpose-oriented accessories, offers unique capabilities to law enforcement agencies, park services, ranchers, and other businesses working in outdoor, off-highway environments. Though at heart we suspect it will always remain a primarily recreational vehicle for the adventurous at heart, add on equipment racks, trailers, winches, GPS systems, emergency lights, radios and canvas tops and the RTV can be transformed into workhorse utility vehicle.

“The same ‘go anywhere’ characteristics that make the Rhino RTV a great sport vehicle will allow it to revolutionize the utility vehicle industry,” according to Rhino Off-Road Industries President, Howard Pearl. The company has received inquiries from many outdoor oriented businesses looking to modify the vehicle for work, and utility purposes. “With add-on accessories, and work-trailers, the RTV will allow law enforcement agencies, ranchers, foresters and other outdoor oriented businesses to access property that until now, was limited to small ATV’s or horseback”. The utility vehicle segment is the fasted growing category in off-road industry.

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