July 13, 2007 We all know how important it is to get along with colleagues in the workplace and robots it seems, are no different. With this in mind, industrial robotics manufacturer KUKA has developed a Light Weight Robot (LWR) that hints at a new era where intelligent machines perform service-oriented roles alongside humans. Though still designed for a role in industry, the LWR is able to “sense” its human counterparts and work alongside them in a more harmonious fashion.

KUKA, which also lays claim to the world’s largest and strongest robot, recently demonstrated the LWR at Georgia Tech’s Campus Reaction Center in the final stages of RoboCup 2007.

The KUKA LWR is represents an important step towards the adaptation of robotics technology for domestic purposes with forecasts suggesting that the service robotics segment will grow rapidly from $5 billion to $50 billion by 2025, with particular focus on the food processing, logistics, surgical and aged care industries.