August 21, 2007 Laptop bags, satchels and other shoulder bags generally do a fairly good job of protecting what they’re carrying – but how much thought gets put into the primary interface of the bag with the body? Skooba’s Superbungee is a retro-fittable shoulder strap that uses air-cell padding, grippy laminates and “sports-tuned suspension” to minimize carrying shock and perceived weight as you schlep your gear about.

The rise of the portable computing age has led to new perils in the world of corporate transport. Heavy laptop bags slung over one shoulder accompany hundreds of thousands of business travellers on a daily basis... much to the delight of chiropractors around the globe.

Skooba, formerly known as “Roadwired,” have taken aim at the traditional shoulder strap in an effort to maximize comfort and make shoulder bags feel lighter to the wearer. Their new Superbungee strap features what the company calls a “sport-tuned suspension system” comprising a high-density floating bungee cord ring that acts as a shock absorber. Grip pads on the underside let the wearer relax without fear of the bag slipping, and the strap pad features a flexible grid of air cells to further pamper your shoulder.

At US$25.95, you could look at the Superbungee as an expensive shoulder strap, or a small investment in your comfort on the road.

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