September 13, 2007 We’re seeing more and more vehicles coming to market that are completely impractical and purely for fun purposes and three-wheeler trikes fit squarely into this category. Enter the X2 Arrow, currently being shown in Frankfurt, a uniquely styled, low-profile trike that offers a driver and a passenger the wind-in-your-hair freedom and snappy handling of a motorcycle with the roll-cage safety of a sports car.

Frankfurt’s IAA auto show is the biggest platform for new European releases, and this one caught our eye. Triketek’s X2 Arrow is a cruising trike – it doesn’t pack the tyre-shredding power, supercar looks or neck-stretching cornering grip of, say, the Can-Am Spyder or Campagna T-REX, instead focusing on rider and passenger comfort, open-top freedom, roll-cage safety and a look all of its own.

The standard X2 Arrow features a 61hp, 95Nm petrol engine, and is good for about 156kmh in a straight line. An 82hp turbocharged version is an optional alternative, as is a 41hp cruising diesel tuned for economy. There’s also a sports exhaust available. Transmission is a 6-speed Tiptronic semi-automatic, with full auto and cruise control available.

Safety is high on the priority list, with roll cages protecting the driver and passenger, ABS, traction and stability control, brake assist, electronic brake distribution and sports seating with harness belts. Handling is adjustable through the front strut suspension.

The rear of the X2, taken out of context, looks like the back end of a sports car, and features a 200 litre trunk to make touring a genuine possibility. Anyone with a car license can jump straight into the cabin and drive the X2, and while Triketek recommend you wear a helmet, it’s not legally necessary – at least, in Germany.

At around €24,000 plus applicable taxes for the base model, or €32,700 for the kitchen-sink-included turbo Ultima model, the X2 Arrow is an eye-catching cruising toy, and its 4-year warranty and 10,000km service intervals speak to the reliability Triketek expect from the units.

Triketek is currently seeking international dealership partners.

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