September 20, 2007 We’ve written before about high-tech swim fins designed to be as efficient as possible in the water – but the problem remains that they’re very awkward and restrictive on land. That’s why we can instantly see the value of these convertible fins from Omega Aquatics that fold up out of the way to allow full mobility out of the water and click down with your first kick once you’re in the water.

Scuba fins are not designed for walking, and putting them on before entering the water has traditionally presented a challenge for both novice and experienced divers. Omega's founder, Ronen Moyal, an experienced veteran of the Israeli special forces, recognized the need for a fin that was maneuverable both in and out of the water to eliminate the risk of military divers drifting away as they attempted to put on fins in the water while fully loaded with scuba gear. The Amphibian fin is uniquely designed to be strapped on prior to entering the water and removed after exiting, and allows divers to walk while wearing their scuba fins.

Designcraft developed and prototyped the two-piece fin brought together by a special hinge that allows the webbed blades of the fin to be kept in the up or walking position until swimming in the water. Torsion springs push the soft blade webbing against the shin to allow divers to easily maneuver in and out of the water. The blades are locked into swimming position by a simple kick in the water.

It’s a simple concept but promises to have a profound effect on rescue and special forces divers who are in and out of the water all day – not to mention recreational divers who don’t want to flop around like a circus clown in their boats!

The Amphibian fins are available through Omega Aquatics.

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