September 25, 2007 An exotic name befits an exotic destination. The Pearl-Qatar is a man-made island under construction off the coast of Doha, Qatar covering 985 acres (400 hectares) and fronted by more than 12 miles of pristine beaches. The island retreat is set to become an exclusive home for 40,000 international residents as well as a sought after holiday destination for 800 guests enjoying three marinas, three 5 star hotels, plus almost half a million square feet of retail, dining and entertainment space. These stunning illustrations showcase this extraordinary address as it will look when the ribbon is cut in 2009.

Utilizing reclaimed land off the shore of the Middle East’s richest (per capita) country, the Pearl-Qatar will be a destination in its own right - a lavish, secure, island retreat fostering a Riviera-style community. Residents will enjoy luxury apartments, town homes, penthouses and villas and an international yachting hub with three marinas and 700 boats. Visitors to the island will be able to chose from one of three 5 star hotels and patronize the 492,000 square feet of international retail, restaurants and entertainment.

The project being developed by United Development Company is Qatar’s first international real estate venture, its largest real estate development and the first to offer international investors freehold. It is a four-phase mixed-use development comprising 10 distinct, themed districts to be developed over five years including housing, marinas, schools and entertainment outlets. The island is just 12.4 miles from Doha's International airport and will be accessible from the mainland via a causeway.

Due for completion in around two years time and with first investors to take up residency in December this year, this ambitious project is being promoted as a destination like no other in the Middle East. Taking inspiration from best of the Mediterranean it will offer 25 miles of reclaimed coastline and more than 12 miles of beachfront. Once development is complete the island will have room for 40,000 full time residents and just 800 hotel guests, highlighting the truly select nature of the address.

Looking for a more exotic holiday destination? One option might be to wait until 2012 when the Galactic Suite Project, a luxury resort in space opens its doors to visitors.

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