October 12, 2007 The Lexus LF-Xh hybrid concept will be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Featuring a high-output electric motor supplementing a V6 petrol engine, it also drops some hints about the company’s new styling direction.

The LX-Fh will debut alongside the LF-A two-seater sportscar concept in Tokyo later this month. Both new cars have been built from the ground up to Lexus’ new design philosophy, L-Finesse, an ephemeral concept which is a little difficult to pin-down.

Effectively both cars are an elegant take on squat and muscular, with high centrelines that make the canopy look quite low, almost as if their trousers are pulled up over their bellies. Straight lines meet curves in a way that's easy on the eye.

Lexus has identified that a lack of a unifying and distinctive style is a weakness, and the L-Finesse philosophy, which runs through to a series of futuristic desks and fibrous chairs, is intended to fill this gap. It’s a very mild form of distinction, though, perhaps echoing traditional Japanese understatement while trying to look as contemporary as the Europeans.

While details are scant on the all-wheel-drive LF-Xh at present, we’ll get a closer look when it’s shown in Tokyo.

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