Yamaha's Tesseract four-wheel motorcycle

Yamaha's Tesseract four-wheel ...
Yamaha Tesseract hybrid four-wheeled motorcycle
Yamaha Tesseract hybrid four-wheeled motorcycle
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Yamaha Tesseract hybrid four-wheeled motorcycle
Yamaha Tesseract hybrid four-wheeled motorcycle
Tesseract - top view
Tesseract - top view
Tesseract - front view
Tesseract - front view
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Yamaha is set to reveal a whole new class of four-wheel recreational machine at the Tokyo Motor Show that looks to combine motorcycle performance and maneuverability with four wheels worth of traction and road-holding capability.

Details remain sketchy on the Tesseract hybrid four-wheeled motorcycle – ostensibly a four-wheel version of the Vespa, Piaggio and Vectrix three-wheelers with tilting mechanisms (dubbed “dual-scythe suspension”) at both ends making it a carving four-wheeler that retains the advantages of narrow width roughly equivalent to a two-wheeled machine. Powered by an electric hybrid liquid-cooled V-twin, the Tesseract promises ample torque and a top speed that will be theoretical everywhere but a racetrack, and when at rest, the machine will remain upright without the need for a stand via a dual arm-lock system.

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Really cool unit. I've seen a few variations of these as "one offs" at the trade shows, etc done with all kinds of bikes. Yamaha really does a good job at keeping that "motorcycle feel" and not making it look like an atv. There could be a market for these. I am a small motorcycle wheel manufacturer ( ) and I hope these do take off and create a new market for a ton of aftermarket options. Great job...I can't wait to ride one!
Peter Frank
Check Out Some Of these Wild Idea's That Gizmag's got in this article' it's AWESOME, Look at the Yam's Four Wheel Hybrid.. And the way that one Bike corners, It's two front wheels, taking the job that all the 'leathers had 2do in the past flat tracks..pjf...
Not a ghost of a chance that it will ever make it to market. Federal motor vehicle law says anything for on-road use with four or more wheels is a car and must satisfy the emissions and safety requirements all cars have to meet, like laminated windshield, bumpers, seat belts, etc.
James McClellan
Laws change all the time...
Facebook User
i need to import Yamaha\'s Tesseract four-wheel motorcycle to india , how to ?
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A total rip off of the original concept by N Shotter. I\'ve only one thing to say to Yamaha, pay the man! & I will buy one. So they gave him a special deal on a an engine for the prototype doesn\'t mean they can copy his idea!
Gabriel Jones
@Gadgeteer Yamaha is a worldwide company; they have a market more than just the US. In the UK and Europe that would be considered a road-going quad and would have to comply with the regulations of a motorcycle.
Tord Eriksson
In Sweden it would just need a car driving license, just as any trike!
Chris Stephens
It looks cooler than most such contraptions, but, if it can\'t lane split, it\'s not good to me.
Anthony Castelluci
I\'d love to have one.