Ever wondered what it would be like to attach a GoPro to your fishing line to record all the underwater action on video? It would probably be cool to watch, yet dizzying as the camera freely spins however the water moves it. One of the latest, the GoFish Cam, tries to address this with a little inspiration from the very fish it will be filming.

GoFish Cam is hardly the first underwater fishing camera (we've also looked at products like the FishEyes rod and reel and the Strike Cam), but the GoFish Cam takes things further by loading up on the latest technology. Underneath the tough, waterproof (to 150 m/492 ft) casing lies a 1080p HD video camera equipped with infrared night vision lights and a 170-degree wide-angle lens. The built-in microphone records all sound to fully-capture the entire experience as it happens.

In order to minimize spinning and ensure the camera follows the bait/lure, the team designed the GoFish Cam with a stabilizing fin and built-in buoyancy. The company says that the fin works best when there's tension or drag from both sides of the camera – so, at least in theory, the most action-packed parts of the video (when both you and fish are pulling) will be the most stable:

GoFish also says that its camera's buoyancy is designed to make the lens focus on the bait (and therefore the fish) when there's tension on the line. The buoyancy should also protect your investment, making the camera slowly rise to the surface if the line should snap.

The GoFish Cam accepts microSD cards up to 32 GB in size for storing video recordings. The camera also features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which, when used with the free GoFish mobile app, lets users review, edit, and upload videos to social media without having to remove the camera from the line. There's no wireless streaming under water, of course, but it could be convenient to replay video without the need for attaching cables or swapping cards.

Those interested in pre-ordering the GoFish Cam can do so through the company's Kickstarter campaign, where, at the time of publication, it's raised 24 percent of its US$55,000 goal, with 39 days to go. The minimum pledge to get your hands on the camera is $115.

If everything goes according to plan, backers can expect deliveries of GoFish Cams to start in February, 2016.

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