Although golfers who use golf carts (or the various powered alternatives) do miss out on a good source of exercise, walking from hole to hole can indeed get monotonous. It was with this paradox in mind that the Golf Bike was created.

So, what makes the Golf Bike an actual "golf bike"?

For starters, it has built-in golf club bags. Users transfer their clubs into those bags at the start of a round, making sure to distribute the weight more or less evenly. It also has small-diameter wheels that require less torque to accelerate, along with relatively wide, soft tires – both of these features are intended to minimize damage to the course.

Additionally, it has a low-profile mixte frame, making things easier for riders/players who are repeatedly having to get on and off the bike.

The Golf Bike should be available for purchase as of this summer (Northern Hemisphere). The base model will be priced at US$1,200, with a "Made in USA" version going for $1,800.

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