Have you ever been struck with a mind blank and forgotten the title of a crazy video you wanted to show someone? You know that video… the one with the guy running on the beach with the dog. Google's latest advancement expands its existing image recognition AI into the realm of video, promising a future where we can easily search through video content that is automatically assigned tags by an AI system.

Google Cloud Video Intelligence uses deep-learning models, based on its existing Tensorflow frameworks, to analyze videos and tag them depending on the specific content they contain. The system can search the videos adding numerous noun and verb tags, as well as evaluating and weighing the significance of the tagged elements.

An example of the way the system isolates a single shot in a video and creates weighted tags for each identified element(Credit: Google Cloud Platform)

The system analyzes the videos shot by shot, weighing each element with a percentage value. This value then determines how prominent it will feature on search results with the ultimate outcome being a searchable database of videos that can be navigated the same way we search web pages or images.

In a demonstration of the technology, Google showed how the system can point users to specific moments in a video containing the objects or events they are searching for. Even more impressively, their demonstration showed the system identifying the specific breed of a dog featured in the video being analyzed.

These labels encompass the entirety of the video with percentage weightings of content for more accurate search returns(Credit: Google Cloud Platform)

The tool is now available for companies in a private beta mode. Google's chief scientist in machine learning Fei Fei Li writes, "This API is for large media organizations and consumer technology companies, who want to build their media catalogs or find easy ways to manage crowd-sourced content."

It may be some time before the system is more broadly integrated into our general day-to-day search tools, but it promises an extraordinary new level of detail in the content one will be able to hone in on, especially in a future that looks to be dominated with more and more online video content.

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