During this year's Salone del Mobile, Dutch Design firm Weltevree unveiled its own updated take on the root cellar. The prefabricated Groundfridge uses the earth's own insulating properties to keep food fresh, no electricity required.

Of course, root cellars aren't a new invention by any means, but the Groundfridge looks well-built and relatively easy to install. Weighing in at 300 kg (661 lb), and measuring 2.28 m (7.48 ft) in diameter, the prefab cellar is built from hand-laminated polyester and ships with integrated cabinet and lighting. Access is gained by a hatch-like door and steps lead into the cellar proper.

Weltevree rates Groundfridge's storage as equivalent to around 20 typical refrigerators and says that it can store the harvest from a 250 sq m (2,690 sq ft) vegetable garden, or 500 kg (1,102 lb) of food. The firm further states that Groundfridge maintains a steady temperature of between 7 to 15º C (44.6 to 59º F), even if the temperature upside varies anywhere between -10 to 35° C (14 to 95° F)

The Groundfridge is available from mid-2015, price on request.

Source: Weltevree via Inhabitat

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