Moza has hit CES with a new smartphone gimbal, the Mini-S, that aims to take flexibility to the next level. The Mini-S folds down quite compact to travel, then extends to 18 inches (46 cm) to make it almost a selfie stick or give you the ability to rise above a crowd.

Gudsen Moza is pumping out products almost quicker than we can keep up with them. Just a few months ago we ran a review on the company's Mini-Mi smartphone gimbal, and now there's another to check out. One visit to Photokina was enough to show us just how massively competitive this segment is becoming, with a number of companies innovating away at furious pace in the gimbal space.

The Mini-S offers almost all of the Mini-Mi's functionality, minus the wireless smartphone charging. It stabilizes a phone in portrait or landscape orientation, with joystick control. It lets you manage your phone via a Bluetooth connection, giving you thumb button control of start/stop/playback and other features.

The Moza Genie app lets you do nifty things like visual motion-tracking, hyperlapse style shots, inception and vertigo modes, and a number of other simple shots the camera can manage and execute for you.

The key difference is the form factor – the Mini-S folds up to make it much more compact to carry around, and has a decent-length extendable arm on it to make it more useful for group selfies, filming yourself with more of the background in the shot, or getting up above a crowd for a better point of view.

There's no pricing available yet but we'd imagine it sitting somewhere around the US$150 mark since the Mini-Mi is now US$99. It'll ship in black or white.

Source: Gudsen Moza

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