Guitar Hero Game expected to be an instant best-seller

Guitar Hero Game expected to be an instant best-seller
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November 9, 2005 Now we don’t often do games but this was worth a mention. This is a new game we think will be HUGE, partly because the installed base of PlayStation2 is close to 100 million units, and partly because there are few boys on the planet who haven't dreamt at some point about becoming one of the high priests of the 21st century, the guitar hero! Launched today across America the rock 'n roll guitar video game is called Guitar Hero and is exclusive to the PlayStation2. Guitar Hero combines addictive game play with some of the greatest rock songs of all-time and lets gamers experience the thrill and excitement of being a rock star without leaving home! By pressing down on the fret buttons of a specially designed guitar controller, gamers play notes and chords by strumming in time on a "strum bar" representing the strings of an electric guitar. Guitar Hero features hits spanning all the facets of rock music, from classic rock to metal including tracks made famous by such legendary artists as Boston, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Sum 41, Ozzy Osbourne, Audioslave, White Zombie, Franz Ferdinand and The Ramones.

Players can choose from eight different rock characters ranging from metal heads to classic rockers and play at a variety of concert venues that grow in size as your rock career progresses. In career mode, gamers can earn money to purchase unlockable characters, songs, guitar skins and behind the scenes videos.

Well-known as a leading creator of video game peripherals, RedOctane designed the first US Guitar Controller for the PlayStation2. The officially licensed Guitar Hero SG Controller is a guitar-shaped controller held just like a real guitar that features five fret buttons, a durable strum bar, an internal tilt sensor, a fully functional whammy bar, and stylized START and SELECT buttons that resemble a guitar's actual volume knobs.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates Guitar Hero "T" for Teen (though you’re only as old as you feel) and the game bundle will retail for US$69.99. The bundle includes the Guitar Hero game, the Guitar Hero SG Controller, adjustable guitar strap and sticker sheet. The game was designed by veteran music game developers Harmonix.

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