Happy Birthday to the Quadbike - 25 this year

Happy Birthday to the Quadbike - 25 this year
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April 2, 2008 The Quadricycle has been around for more than 100 years, becoming temporarily extinct with the coming of the motorcar. Suzuki’s 1983 QuadRunner LT-125 (top left main pic) became the first four-wheeled ATV and revived the industry, offering a platform for sport, recreation and agricultural workers. So it’s a happy 25th birthday from us the modern quadbike. Suzuki is inviting all Suzuki ATV owners to join in the 25th Anniversary.

The celebration will continue during 2008 at five regional US-based ATV events and we’ll keep you informed as to other international events.

During the quarter century since it became the “first on four wheels”, Suzuki has regularly set new standards being the first with youth quads, sport quads, independent suspension, differential lock and the first with a race-ready motocross quad.

Suzuki's 25th Anniversary "First on 4 Wheels" Celebration Locations:

May 3-4: WPSA ATV Open Championship, Oak Hill Raceway, Alvord, TX.

June 14-15: WPSA ATV Open Championship, Wild Cat Creek MX, Rossville, IN.

July 30-August 3: Oregon DuneFest, Winchester Bay, OR.

September 15-20: Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, Richfield, UT.

October 9-13: Hatfield McCoy TrailFest, Gilbert WV.

Activities will vary by location, but look for a big Suzuki hospitality tent with food, prizes, demo rides and youth events scheduled.

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