If you need proof Chinese cars are fast catching up to the rest of the world, just look at some of the vehicles coming out of Auto Shanghai. After the Tiggo Concept from Chery, the styling team at Haval has shown what it can do with the HB-03. It might be a concept for now, but the SUV closely previews what the future of Haval will look like.

The HB-03 is undoubtedly pretty, although it's not a particularly original piece of design. Up front, the headlamps have more than just a hint of Tesla Model X about them, the grille bears a striking resemblance to Lexus' signature snout, and down back, the sloping roofline and brake lights have a touch of BMW X6. Mix in a dash of Porsche Macan on the flanks, and you've essentially got the HB-03.

So the styling is a bit derivative, but the technology under the skin is 100 percent Haval. Power comes from the intelligent hybrid system debuted in Beijing last year, with 200 kW (268 hp) of power and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque.

Like most plug-in powertrains, the HB-03 can be run in a few different drive modes, starting with the default hybrid mode designed for everyday driving that alternates automatically between the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and electric motor. Power mode takes full advantage of both electric and gasoline power for a nine-second sprint to 100km/h (62 mph).

Perhaps most impressive is the HB-03's pure electric mode, which relies on the 13-kWh rear-mounted battery for 65 km (40 mi) of silent range. The battery can be topped up in around four hours using a standard home wall socket, and a regenerative braking system feeds some power back on the move as well.

Behind the wheel, the HB-03 Concept is a much brighter, sportier take on the design language debuted in past concepts. Orange leather is the dominant material, but carbon fiber has been applied liberally as well. Aside from the garish color scheme, and perhaps the bezel-free central touchscreen, it all looks largely production ready.

The Haval HB-03 is on show at Auto Shanghai. It's only a concept for now, but expect a production four-wheel drive looking a lot like it to surface at some point soon.

Source: Haval

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