Tesla has opened the Falcon Wing door to Model X ownership a little bit wider, adding a 60 kWh model to the lineup. It doesn't have the same long-legged range as more expensive models, but the 60D should help bolster sales of the expensive electric SUV.

Cutting the battery size means, as you might imagine, a cut in range. Tesla is claiming you'll be able to cover 200 mi (322 km) on a full change, 37 mi (60 km) less than you'll get from a 75D. Although there's a small range sacrifice, there's no performance loss associated with choosing the entry-level model.

Zero to 60 mph (98 km/h) takes the same 6 seconds, and the car's top speed is the same 140 mph (225 km/h). That's because the dual-motor setup is the same, and the battery unit itself is the same. The only difference between the two models is down to software, which means you can pay a fee and unlock the extra 15 kWh lurking within.

This strategy, almost like in-app purchases, debuted on the Model S earlier this year. The cheaper entry to the range comes as Tesla looks to push towards the mainstream with the Model 3, a push bolstered by the cheaper Model S.

That said, the Model X 60D is still extremely expensive. You'll pay at least $74,000. More if you want big wheels, beige leather, seven seats and fancy woodgrain trim.

Source: Tesla

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