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Purple potatoes may be as healthy as they are colorful

Purple potatoes may be as heal...
Purple potatoes, anyone?
Purple potatoes, anyone?
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Purple potatoes, anyone?
Purple potatoes, anyone?

Researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) have developed new varieties of purple potato that are much richer in antioxidants than traditional white and yellow varieties. They're said to be on par with superfoods such as blueberries and pomegranates, potentially upgrading the humble potato to the ranks of health food.

The CSU Potato Program has developed a range of different-colored potatoes such as red, purple, yellow and white. The purple and red varieties are the ones with highest concentration of antioxidants, which help protect proteins and DNA from the damaging effect of free radicals.

The colorful potatoes can also be a source of vitamin C, folic acid, minerals, potassium, iron, zinc and phenolic compounds, the researchers say. They could reportedly help prevent diseases such as cancer, heart-related conditions and atherosclerosis.

Another advantage of the newly developed potatoes is that they have lower levels of acrylamide, a probable carcinogenic chemical which forms when potato is fried or baked. The research team additionally found that the phytochemicals in purple and red potatoes have properties that could make diabetic patients less likely to develop cataracts.

The researchers believe their research could help rebrand the potato, and help it recover it from flagging sales over health concerns. That said, the potato isn't doing so badly – it still is the top vegetable crop in the US and fourth largest crop worldwide, losing out to wheat, rice and corn.

Source: CSU

What do these red and purple potatoes taste like? How do they compare to orange (sweet) potatoes?
Sounds great, except it probably still has a high glycemic index like all potatoes, so old-timers like me won't be able to wolf down an entire bag of chips made with these without getting a damaging blood sugar spike.
Bob Tackett
Tanstar, I had some small yellow potatoes and small purple passion potatoes, and tried comparing them with my eyes closed, and I couldn't tell any appreciable difference.
How do they compare with other purple potatoes, like those from Peru?