Hennessey Performance, the Texan tuning house well known for building some of the world's fastest cars, has just announced 19 special-edition Mustangs in honor of its 10,000th build. Upgrades on this US$90,000 monster go well beyond the motor.

Starting out with a 2019 Mustang GT Coupe, the Hennessey team upgrades the engine with a three-liter supercharger, an air to water intercooler, high-flow induction system and upgraded injectors and fuel pump. The exhaust system is a stainless steel job from Catback.

With a little time on the dyno, you're soon looking at nearly double the stock car's horsepower. That's 808 ponies (603 kW) in your Pony, as well as a very healthy 677 lb-ft (918 Nm) of torque.

There are chassis mods as well, which is a good thing since the last stock Mustang GT we drove (with only 435 horses) struggled to haul its own considerable weight through corners with any kind of precision.

In addition to 20-inch alloy wheels and Pilot Sport Cup Michelins, the Hennessey Heritage Edition gets lowered with a KW Variant 1 suspension kit that should help control some of the 'Stang's tendency toward body roll, especially given how much faster the approach and exit could be. The entire package is put over a chassis dyno for final tuning.

Brakes are optionally upgraded to Brembo 6-pots at the front and 4-pots at the rear, with 15.1-inch discs all round. We'd take that upgrade.

And finally, to the carbon, which includes a front splitter, side sills and a fairly restrained rear spoiler from CarbonAero to help this thing handle a new top speed in excess of 200 mph (320 km/h). The 0-60-mph (0-96.6 km/h) sprint is a 3.3 second proposition, which won't bother any of the electrics or hybrids on the block, but it'll shout its way there with a full set of lungs, so that's something.

Only 19 Hennessey Heritage Edition Mustangs will be built, with a price tag of US$89,950. All are red, with white stripes 'n' stickers and embroidered headrests. Little has been done to the overall shape of the car, and that's just fine by us.

Enjoy a video below, as well as a ton of pics in the gallery.

Source: Hennessey

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