Amsterdam-based Standard Studio was commissioned to turn an old Rotterdam office building into student housing consisting of 218 self-contained apartments. With little available floorspace to work with, the firm drew design inspiration from the space-saving designs pioneered by the tiny house movement.

Each Hermes City Plaza apartment measures only 18 sq m (193 sq ft), which to put it into perspective, is not too far off the Sturgis tiny house. Notwithstanding this lack of space, Standard Studio still managed to squeeze in some home comforts, including a kitchenette, double bed, and shower.

The firm made good use of the tall ceiling in the former office space to add a queen-sized loft bed that hangs down from the concrete ceiling. Residents must access the bed by climbing atop a storage unit that doubles as a staircase (a handrail is installed to help unsteady students make the climb safely after a late night spent studying or partying).

Other notable space-saving ideas include the sink. "Because the house offers no space for a vanity unit and a sink in the kitchen, both have been ingeniously combined," says Standard Studio. "The sink is divided by a floating panel which is on one side a sink with mirror. And on the other hand, it is a sink in the kitchen with a handy chalkboard."

Elsewhere in the apartment lies a dining table, a sofa with integrated storage space, and a desk area.

The Hermes City Plaza building also contains some shared areas and amenities, such as a roof terrace, music room, laundry area, bar, and a private garden.

Construction work was completed in 2017 and it officially opened earlier this year.

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