Following this week's theme of bringing the online into reality, here's a Kickstarter idea that's too cute not to share. Hide & Seek is a UK-based game company – a bunch of grown-up kids that until this point has specialized in creating some really cool real world games – and they're now raising money to create their first iPhone app. The Tiny Games app will take your location, the number of friends you have with you, and a variety of props you should easily be able to find, and give you the rules for a real-world game you can play in that situation. So you're in a car, with two friends, and you're bored. That's all it needs to know ...

The team at Hide & Seek sounds like the perfect bunch to have on board at a crap party. The company has built a niche for itself creating a bunch of public games – including huge events like Edinburgh's New Year Games:

The company's newest project, however, operates on a much smaller and more personal scale. Tiny Games is an iPhone app that asks you where you are, what you've got around you and how many buddies you're with, and comes back with a mini game you can play.

You're in the house, with your buddy Big Lloyd, you're both hungry and feeling competitive? Pop some bread in the toaster and play a furious game of "Knife Fork Spoon" to determine who gets the toast.

You're in an ultra-compact car with your main man Pez, on a long road trip? Sounds like the perfect time to have a few rounds of "Fluffier Than a Teacup." Naturally, being British, a lot of the games feature tea, teacups and other tea-related paraphernalia, but Hide & Seek is quick to assure us that they have a team in New York City working to adapt the games for American tastes.

All the games are designed with one thing in mind – to bring a bit of silly fun into otherwise dull situations.

Check out the Tiny Games Kickstarter here, along with the rules for Knife Fork Spoon, Fluffier Than a Teacup and a bunch of other tiny games you can start messing around with right now. We wish the Hide & Seek team all the best – throwing little bits of social fun into peoples' lives is a worthy cause if ever we saw one.

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