HI-TEC Enviro golf shoes: going “green” on the green

HI-TEC Enviro golf shoes: goin...
HI-TEC Enviro Golf Shoe
HI-TEC Enviro Golf Shoe
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HI-TEC Enviro Golf Shoe
HI-TEC Enviro Golf Shoe

February 26, 2008 In another example of companies targeting those with a “green” conscience, HI-TEC has launched an environmentally friendly golf shoe made from recycled materials.

The Enviro golf shoe created with 99% environmentally sustainable materials including outsoles made of rice husks and latex rubber. The sockliner is made from 100% recycled materials. The outer shoe is made from organic vegetable-tanned leather - a process that eliminates the dangers associated with the use of traditional chrome, which when absorbed into the body through drinking water can cause damage to organs including the liver and kidney. In some areas of heavy leather production, drinking water and aquatic life has become seriously polluted by chrome use. Some hardcore environmentalist may be skeptical about the use of leather at all when environmentally friendly and long lasting synthetic substitutes are available. The only part of the shoe that is not "green" is the spike receptacle, however HI-TEC’s engineers are confident that soon even this will be made in a sustainable fashion.

Fredrik Sundstrom, Global Golf Director commented, “Whether it’s being ‘green’, ‘recycled’ or ‘earth friendly’, we are constantly being reminded about environmental issues in the media. Society wants to be more environmentally conscious and it is our responsibility to provide products that fit this demand. The world is definitely changing and we want to push our golf division to be more responsible for the earth”. Retailing for around US$129.95, the Enviro has a 1-year waterproof guarantee and is available in men’s sizes 6-12 (including halves) in both Black and Brown. HI-TEC will also launching a white version this summer.

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