We were quite taken with Homegrown Trailers' debut model last year and the firm has just unveiled a larger take on its wooden trailer that could be a good fit for people who want to go camping with the whole family, full-time RV-dwellers, or those looking for additional guest quarters for their home. The Timberline can sleep up to six people and can be outfitted to run on or off-the-grid.

With its sustainably-sourced wooden exterior and teardrop shape, the Timberline is a bit of a looker. It weighs in at 3,950 lb (roughly 1,790 kg) and measures 23 x 7.11 x 8.11 ft (7 x 2.1 x 2.5 m), which is larger than the Vista Sport tiny house and highlights the overlap between camping trailers and tiny houses.

"[Homegrown Trailers'] two models of solar-powered, wood-constructed trailers combine the beauty and lifestyle of tiny houses with the mobility of campers, which allows customers to seek out nature and adventure in a comfortable, self-sufficient, and enduring way," says the firm.

The model shown below includes a double bed and two bunkbeds but they can also be swapped for a dining area if the buyer prefers. Though sleeping six might sound like a bit of a squeeze, it should be fine for the odd camping trip.

A wet bathroom is installed, with shower and toilet, while the kitchenette includes a relatively large counter space and a sink, under-counter fridge, and two-burner induction stove.

The Timberline ships with multiple 120 V and USB power outlets, while a 23.5 gal (89 liter) freshwater tank, water heater, and greywater tank handle washing duties. Heat and air-conditioning are optional upgrades.

The trailer's press release makes mention of it being suitable for extreme weather. When we quizzed Homegrown Trailers about this, we were told by a representative that, though he didn't have any R-values available, he expects it to be very comfortable with minimal heating required even in sub-freezing temperatures, due to the trailer's high-quality wool insulation and double-glazed windows. The rep also mentioned that the trailer performed well in hot weather with air-conditioning installed.

The Timberline can run either from a standard RV-style hookup or off-the-grid with a maximum 800-watt solar panel array and 6 kWh lithium-ion battery. The on-grid model costs US$37,000, while the off-grid will set you back $41,500.

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