Honda has long championed the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and while this has in the past been largely a technology suited to small cars and even scooters, the Japanese car giant is now thinking bigger.

Recently the company announced that it would be releasing a new CVT suited to larger vehicles. Now, that transmission is headed for showrooms in Japan, included in the new StepWGN people mover. This transmission first debuted as a part of the N BOX microvan.

Honda's N BOX microvan

The new transmission is part of the new suite of Earth Dreams Technology developments the company is promoting. These technologies will be featured in upcoming vehicles.

The updated CVT technology is compatible with an "idle stop" system (in which the engine stops when not in use, then automatically restarts when needed) and works with a high efficiency oil pump. The redesigned CVT also features Honda's new G-Design Shift coordinated system for throttle, gearing and hydraulic control. The company claims that the new system responds quickly to driver use of the accelerator, while having a smooth yet sportier feel.

The StepWGN, featuring Earth Dreams Technology

Most importantly, Honda claims that this new technology will offer a five percent fuel saving when compared to a conventional CVT, and a ten percent fuel saving when compared to a standard five speed automatic transmission.

Source: Honda

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