Mercedes wasn't the only automaker injecting a little sports car sexiness into the 2017 Miami International Boat Show, which wrapped up on Monday. Honda stopped by to showcase a concept outboard engine that pulls design cues from the Acura NSX sports car, adding a little extra flair to whatever vessel it's powering ... because why shouldn't a luxurious boat for the rich and fashionable have a better-looking engine?

If a vehicle or tool segment relies on motor power, chances are pretty good Honda has done some work within it – from cars and motorcycles, to power equipment, to aircraft, to boats. Honda's Advanced Design Group took inspiration from several of those markets in designing the concept engine Honda Marine debuted in Miami.

"The inspiration for the design of this engine was driven by the feeling you get when at the helm of a powerful boat on the water – the rush of excitement, the exhilaration and freedom, the feeling that hits you immediately with the boat at full throttle and the water and air around you," says Will Walton, Honda Marine's assistant vice president.

That may be true, but the team also looked to the rush of excitement, exhilaration and freedom of the streets when designing specific aspects of the engine. The distinctive floating winged blade and honeycomb mesh found their way to the engine concept with direct inspiration from the NSX, pointing to a "bolder, more distinctive future for Honda Marine."

The engine, which has been stretched to give it a tall, sleek presence, is painted Nouvelle Blue Pearl, matching the NSX it appeared with in Miami. The engine even has red mesh inserts with silver surrounds, which sort of look like taillights (though not NSX taillights).

Honda mentions "creativity with regards to what could power the concept engine," but doesn't go into any details on its construction or specs, leaving it to stand as a styling sculpture. So there's no NSX-inspired hybrid power to report on here.

We're guessing a concept engine didn't get quite the "build it, please!" reaction in Miami that a sleek, sporty concept car might get at an international auto show, so Honda's admission that there are no current production plans for the blue power plant probably won't be met with too much disappointment. Instead, the engine is just a much looser "vision of the boating lifestyle of the future."

Source: Honda

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