Honda Aircraft Company has given credence to its claim that its HondaJet is the fastest jet in its class by breaking two speed records. The records were set over two recognized courses in the US from Teterboro, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts to Palm Beach, Florida.

Between Teterboro and Fort Lauderdale, flown on April 9, the HondaJet's flight-time was 2 hours, 51 minutes and it hit a top speed of 414 kt (478 mph), despite having to contend with headwinds of 60 kt (69 mph).

On July 19, flying from Boston to Palm Beach and with headwinds of 30 kt (35 mph), the HondaJet took 2 hours, 58 minutes. Its top speed was 422 knots (486 mph), which is also given as the jet's maximum possible cruising speed. Honda says it is the first aircraft in its class to hold the record for this route.

Honda Aircraft President and CEO Michimasa Fujino points to the flights as being demonstrative of the HondaJet's superior performance over other aircraft. Indeed, it is claimed to be the world's most advanced light jet, by virtue of features like over-the-wing engines and a lightweight composite fuselage. These are said to have been the result of long-term research and were brought to fruition when the jet went into production in 2012.

The flights were both piloted by Peter Kriegler and Glenn Gonzales and were each recognized with a "Certificate of Record for Speed Over a Recognized Course." They were verified by the US National Aeronautic Association and are pending approval as world records by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale in Switzerland.