Honda’s Next Generation EU6500 Portable Generator

Honda’s Next Generation EU6500 Portable Generator
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March 9, 2007 If most of your life turns to mud without electricity, and you don’t have a Plan B in case the electricity runs out, consider Honda’s new EU6500is portable generator. The EU6500is is the latest evolution of the EU generator model series and benefits from development in the areas of output, noise, size and fuel consumption. Producing 6,500 volt amperes (VA) Å\ or watts Å\ of power, the EU6500is is the perfect solution to a variety of power needs. Due to its large power output, exceptional fuel efficiency, clean power output and super quiet operation, it is perfectly suited to provide crucial home back-up power during a blackout or other power emergency. The EU6500is is equally at home on a worksite, campsite or for RV camping and tailgating due to its excellent portability and compact design.

Compared to the earlier Honda EX5500 generator, the EU6500is is more than 33 percent smaller with a dry weight of only 253 pounds. This is a significant reduction in footprint for a unit producing such a high power output. In relation to noise reduction, the EU6500is also remarkably quieter than its predecessor. By utilizing a separate triple chamber construction, a centralized intake/exhaust system and the Eco-Throttle design, the EU6500is achieves a reduction of 5 dB (A) at rated load, ultimately creating super quiet operation.

Perhaps the most basic, yet important features of interest to consumers who are purchasing a generator are the amount and the quality of power produced by the unit. The EU6500is offers 6500 VA of enhanced commercial grade electricity with a wave form distortion factor of less than 2.5 percent. This translates into a generous amount of clean, usable power available for home back-up in an emergency Å\ safe for even the most sophisticated electronic equipment such as a home computer.

When it comes to the expense of operating the EU6500is, Honda engineers have employed the latest in Eco-Throttle technology and a high efficiency inverter design to allow for the lowest fuel consumption of any generator in its class. In fact, the EU6500is reduces fuel consumption by 30 percent at 1/4 load in comparison to the EX5500.

The power behind the innovative EU6500is is the Honda GX390 engine. As is the case with all Honda engines, the GX390 provides low-emission, 4-cycle power to the unit. An overhead valve (OHV) system in the GX390 incorporates the latest, most advanced engine technologies in a small package. With the GX390, the Honda EU6500is provides an economical, quiet and efficient powerplant to complement the generator's new technology and advanced design.

John Hogan
I am not that impressed with this article. It reads like a re-written brochure. Maybe not even re-written. What size is the motor? How much juice does it burn at various loads? What is the specific consumption? Actually, a brochure will normally have all that, in addition to the flowery, overly positive language. I\'ve researched generators before and the average ebay item has more details. Not impressed.
PR Noyes
I agree with John here. No question these Honda motors are great in a generator, but I found Northern Tools combo of a Honda motor and their pick of an actual generator to be a best-fit combo so far.
What I would really like to see (lust after, certainly) is a 5K generator capable of 240V 30A that can run my well without trouble, but ALSO have the capability to run in parallel with a twin of itself to top out ~ 10K. The Honda EU300i does this but not the larger Hondas, and they don\'t produce 240V if I recall correctly.
Bonus points for diesel. In the meantime I\'d be happier with a 5500 Pro from Northern Tool. Just used on in Hurricane Irene for a week and very pleased with it.
Karen McCutcheon-Clarke
I agree - this tells me absolutely nothing more than the HONDA website, in fact, less. I thought this was a REVIEW? I am looking for a backup house solution for southern Ontario, Canada. Very interested in this product but cannot find any dependable information.