We've reported on all kinds of uses for shipping containers that don't involve actually shipping things, including houses, farms, and swimming pools. We can now add pop-up bar to that list, courtesy of Canadian firm Honomobo and its Honomobar.

This kind of thing must have been done before (the Container Bar is similar but not quite the same) but Honomobo did make some significant alterations to the recycled shipping container base and it should be well done, if the firm's prior experience with container-based architecture is anything to go by.

The container bar measures 12.6 ft (3.8 m) by 8 ft (2.4 m), comprises a total floorspace of 100 sq ft (9.2 sq m) and is painted black and red. The exterior sports a small cedar overhang and aluminum shutters can be used to securely shut it.

The interior includes a Canadian Fir bar top, some shelving, and a main bar area that's opened up with hydraulic lifting arms. There's no insulation installed, and owners are required to provide their own electricity using a simple extension hookup.

The Honomobar can be placed pretty much anywhere and doesn't need proper foundations – indeed the photos show it installed in the snowy Canadian Rockies – though the firm does recommend level ground and some gravel, concrete slabs or blocks to place it on.

It's available to purchase now for CAD$25,178 (about US$19,764), with delivery throughout North America promised between 4-6 weeks after payment.

Source: Honomobo

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