As much as we've talked about the big early 2015 flagship smartphones, one thing we've been mum on is pricing. We're still waiting on word about the Galaxy S6's price tag, but today HTC is getting more specific about the One M9 – including the option to buy online starting at midnight EDT on March 27 (i.e. tonight in the US).

We already knew that the One M9 would begin launching with US carriers on April 10, but what we didn't know is that HTC would start selling it earlier than that from its online store. Starting at 12:01 am ET, buyers can order the One M9 two weeks before it starts rolling out elsewhere.

We've reached out to HTC to confirm whether those models are ready to ship, or will require some sort of wait, and will update when we hear back. The "be one of the first to get yours" language on HTC's website points to an earlier than April 10 ship date, but that still doesn't tell us how much earlier you can expect it.

Though specific carrier pricing should start trickling out soon, HTC is charging US$650 for an off-contract unlocked version of the M9. That lines up perfectly with the launch prices of the One M8 and One M7, essentially squashing any hopes that this year's model would be cheaper. And if every $650 smartphone from the last few years is any indication, then that will almost certainly translate to $200 upfront with a two-year contract.

The One M9 has an only slightly updated design from the last two HTC One flagships, but has a faster processor, larger battery capacity and much higher-resolution camera. It also includes one of the most aggressive mobile warranties we've seen, offering a one -off replacement for accidental damage (including cracked screen, water damage or even switching carriers) during the first year of ownership.

Stay tuned for Gizmag's HTC One M9 review. And if you want to get in on those early bird orders after midnight in the US, you can hit up HTC's page below.

Source: HTC

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