It's no secret that HTC hit some hard times recently. But the company responded about as well as it could, with the critically-acclaimed HTC One. Don't forget, though, that HTC has more than a passing interest in Windows Phone, as evidenced by recent handsets like the 8X, 8S, and Titan. If a recent leak holds any water, then HTC has yet another Windows Phone up its sleeve, and it just might look a lot like the One.

The scoop comes from Neowin, whose sources say the upcoming Windows Phone won't quite be a carbon copy of the One, but will still take a lot of its design cues. Apparently we're looking at a "mostly metal body" and a screen that's between 4-5 inches, along with the One's UltraPixel camera technology.

The source says the phone will run Microsoft's upcoming General Distribution Release (GDR3) update, which is expected to open the door to 1080p, quad-core Windows Phones. Considering that the One has both a 1080p display and a quad-core Snapdragon CPU, it isn't hard to imagine this device following that lead in both areas.

A new family?

Early results have hinted that the One is doing pretty well in the sales department, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee that a WP8-based sibling will follow suit. Whether it's a huge hit or not, though, it's hard to argue against HTC cutting more phones from the One's cloth.

Aluminum unibody design, quad core chip, and 1080p displays, all on a Windows Phone? Along with that rumored HTC One phablet, that's a gift we wouldn't mind unwrapping this holiday season.

If this leak is accurate, then HTC's upcoming Windows Phone is expected to be announced this (Northern Hemisphere) autumn, and ship "sometime later in the year."

Source: Neowin, via BGR

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