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Hydrogen-powered zero-emission Scooter

Hydrogen-powered zero-emission Scooter
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It acts like a 50cc two-stroke scooter in every respect but that of emissions - instead of producing mass hydrocarbons, it produces water. One of the most interesting new transportion initiatives in years, the German Aqwon is not what you'd expect - instead of being powered by electricity derived from a hydrogen fuel cell, the Aqwon burns hydrogen as its fuel.

The AQWON is not quite up to the open road or freeway, with a top speed around 50 km/h from its 2.6 kW two-strole motor, but with certainly points the way for a new generation of environmentally friendly transportation.

The product of 10 years of research and development, Independent Energy Systems (INENSY) now has technical approval for the Aqwon from the German transport authorities.

The biggest problem in using hydrogen fuel in a vehicle is the safe storage of the compressed gas which has been overcome in this instance with the assistance of HERA Hydrogen Storage Systems in developing a 50 bar pressure tank. In case of an accident, the tank will freeze and no fire or explosion would occur. Filling up the scooter's tank is a simple process which can be achieved in a few minutes. Unlike other vehicles, the Aqwon also comes with a lifetime supply of fuel. The price of EU€5,600 includes the refueling system of pressure tanks and a hydrogen generator which runs on solar power and water to produce hydrogen for your own use.

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I contacyed AQWON after I saw all the awards he won in Germany. But they have not contacted me back.
I have NOT seen anything else about this wonder product since your article...
Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Good application of Hydrogen Energy. Hydrogen is the future energy carrier.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India