Hydrogen transportation boosts portable fuel cells

Hydrogen transportation boosts portable fuel cells
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The VE100 v2 UK version
The VE100 v2
UK version
The VE100 v2 control panel
The VE100 v2 control panel
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November 15, 2004 Voller Energy Limited has announced that the new VE100 v2 portable fuel cell system can use metal hydride canisters which have been approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to transport hydrogen for portable applications. The accompanying pictures of the new VE100 v2 fuel system are exclusive to Gizmag and give you a look at the exciting possibilities for portable generators being pioneered by Voller Energy.

Stephen Voller, CEO and Founder of Voller Energy, said: "This is a significant step forward for the sale of our systems in the United States. This means our customers have the opportunity to transport the hydrogen fuel that our fuel cell systems need".

Metal hydride storage technology is viewed as a key element in enabling the commercialisation of portable fuel cell appliances. Rather than storing hydrogen in its gaseous form, metal hydrides work by bonding hydrogen atoms to metal storage alloy forming a safe, compact, low-pressure storage medium.

A metal hydride storage canister can effectively hold more than three times the amount of hydrogen that could be stored as a compressed gas in the same size vessel. The low operating pressure makes these units safe to handle, store, and use, making them the ideal choice for portable hydrogen storage.

Early adopters for hydrogen fuelled appliances could be portable generators, remote monitoring equipment, video cameras, and other small electronic devices that require high reliability or long run-time not available from batteries.

Although DOT has granted previous shipping exemptions for specific metal hydride products, Energy Conversion Devices (ECD), through their hydrogen storage joint venture, has an exemption that is unique in several ways. It authorizes the manufacture, mark, sale, and use of metal hydride hydrogen storage systems applicable to a family of portable canisters currently under development by ECD, allowing hydrogen storage capacity up to 1300 standard litres. The exemption also authorizes re-qualification by ultrasonic inspection, effectively extending the service life of a metal hydride canister well beyond the 5-year limit of previous exemptions. Additionally, the exemption authorizes use of the internationally recognized UN3468 identification number for "Hydrogen in a Metal Hydride Storage System."

Voller Energy is working on a range of solutions to provide mains power in remote locations and for battery charging. As Voller Energy portable fuel cell systems produce little noise and no green house gas emissions they can often be used where conventional generators cannot.

The VE100 v2 is an alternative energy mains generator and battery charger that can be used for quiet, clean power. It has a wide range of applications including charging cordless tool batteries, remote power for temporary buildings, power-backup, quiet power for RV's, boats, yachts, camping and leisure, and for military use.

As well as providing more power output than the previous version, the VE100 v2 enables the fuel storage options to deliver more energy.

The VE100 v2 is available in both standard EU 230v 50Hz and US 110v 60Hz versions. Systems also have a 12v DC 'cigar lighter' output typical for charging mobile telephone, laptop or conventional automobile 12v lead acid batteries.

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