Hyundai CCS Convertible Hardtop Concept

Hyundai CCS Convertible Hardtop Concept
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Monday September 15, 2003

Hyundai's CCS Convertible study features a unique three-phase slide and fold glass roof that enables the driver to change from glass roof, to open roof to complete top-down convertible at the touch of a button.

Unveiled at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show, the CCS Convertible is based on the Tiburon V6 and is powered by a Delta 2.7 litre engine - an all alloy quad-cam V6 which transmits up to 127kW of power and 245 Nm of torque through an Aichi-built six-speed close-ratio gearbox as fitted to the Tiburon V6.

The third generation folding hardtop roof was developed by renowned convertible and cabriolet specialists Karmann of Osnabr'ck. The first generation was the typical metal folding roof, the second the retractable glass roof. This third generation builds on the experience gained with the first two and refines it to offer maximum choice of open-air motoring.

In mixed weather the driver merely touches one button to send the glass roof sliding back over the rear window. By sliding outside, rather than inside, this maximises rear headroom. At this stage the side supports remain in position, so if the weather changes the roof slides quickly and smoothly back to the closed position.

A second button turns the vehicle into a full top-down convertible.

Hyundai also believe that the new roof design enhances the potential for assimilating solar panels or similar energy sources.

The most noticeable styling changes from the Tiburon on which it is based include the raised level of the boot lid/rear decking that fits the folded roof and modifications to the rear flanks, taillights and front headlight clusters that have been achieved without disturbing the car's distinctive lines.

The 18 inch, 15-spoke alloy wheels with 225/40 x 18 Michelin tyres are new and the Warm Silver colour finish incorporates shimmering glass micro-elements.

The interior was designed to give a feeling of open space and includes brown leather trim on the steering wheel and dashboard and a 280W Becker sound system and Infinity speakers to provide appropriate aural pleasures.

The front seats are Tiburon's supportive sports style with eight-way adjustment and memory system and the rear seats have been slightly modified to accommodate the new roof system.

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