Hyundai has announced plans to roll out a new car brand called Genesis. The marque will be sold globally and is aimed at competing with the world’s most renowned luxury car brands. It will be led by Luc Donckerwolke, who was responsible for the design of Audi, Bentley, and Lamborghini models at the Volkswagen Group.

The Genesis brand is presumably derived from Hyundai's existing Genesis model, which sits atop the carmaker's current range as its most advanced and luxurious offering. Genesis models will be referred to with an alphanumeric names combining a "G" for "Genesis" with a number relating to the segment; so, for example, "Genesis G90."

Hyundai says it is targeting the "highest standards of performance, design and innovation" with the Genesis models and that they will boast both ride comfort and sportiness. It says the range will be built around customer requirements and will embody human-focused innovation, refined and balanced performance, athletic elegance in design and hassle-free customer experience.

Among the innovative features of Genesis cars will be apparently be the latest "proactive safety technologies," as well as intuitive convenience features and IT connectivity. Despite all this, Hyundai says it "will distance itself from the traditional technological overload" of certain competitors."

The Genesis marque will initially be sold in Korea, China, North America and the Middle East, with eventual plans for it to expand into Europe and other parts of Asia. It will begin being rolled out in December, with a planned six new Genesis models to be available by 2020.

Source: Hyundai