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iBuzz: Feel the Music in a Whole New Way!

iBuzz: Feel the Music in a Whole New Way!
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March 29, 2006 Firstly, let us be clear - this is not a premature April Fools Day joke. As Apple Computer celebrates its 30th birthday, we are reminded yet again that technology continues to touch us in the most amazing ways. First the iPod revolutionized the way we hear music. Now the iBuzz is attempting to change the way we feel music. We’ve written about a number of MP3 players using bone conduction (here and here and here and here), we’ve seen an iPod docking keyboard, an iPod docking baby stroller, the iDog, the iPod compatible wallet, the iPod compatible bed, the iPod docking iChair speaker system (very cool actually), the iPod TuneBuckle for your belt, not to mention dozens of ipod compatible cars. But even the iLounge Toilet Paper Dispenser with iPod Dock could not prepare you for this – the weirdest iPod accessory we’ve ever seen – by a country mile!

The iBuzz is a small capsule-shaped device that vibrates in sync with the music on your iPod or MP3 player. It can safely vibrate inside or outside of you or your partner with his and her attachments included. Turn up the volume, turn up the vibrations! iBuzz comes with a headphone splitter so you can listen on one end while, err … vibrating on the other.

iBuzz is available at Condomania and other retailers and sells for US$59.95.

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