Layers of clothing that cool you down rather than warm you up can involve lugging around hefty equipment or some pretty advanced technology. The IceTee takes a more low-tech approach with strategically-placed pockets for holding gel packs to help keep you cool.

Made from dry-fit moisture wicking fabric, the IceTee is an athletic shirt that comes in both men's and women's styles that include a number of reusable gel packs that cool what the company describes as critical points of the body. The men's version comes with five gel packs to be slid in under the arms, around the neck and down the spine, while the women's sleeveless design places the packs around the neck and spine only.

Its creators say that applying the cold packs to these regions of the body in particular works to limit the increase in core temperature, resulting in better blood circulation and oxygenation of the muscles.

To prepare the IceTee for use, the entire garment is placed in the freezer for a minimum of two hours, though the packs can also be placed in the freezer on their own and slipped into the shirt afterwards. The gel, packaged in a nylon and polyester blend material, should then remain cold for up to one hour.

The men's version comes in sizes from S to XL, with the option of grey, navy blue, white or burnt orange, while the women's version is available in XS to XL in purple, turquoise, or black.

With the IceTee currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the company is looking to raise US$12,000 to fund mass production. A pledge of $50 will put you in line for a men's or women's version if the goal is reached, with shipping estimated for July 2014.

You can hear from the inventors of IceTee in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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