We've seen plenty of multitouch tables from Ideum, but its latest effort adds full UHD resolution and upgraded internals. It's also designed to recognize real-world objects, opening the door to interactive experiences that could help out in professional settings.

Running on Windows 10, the coffee table has a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution across 55 inches. Considering that we've seen smartphones with 4K screens at this point, the pixel density here isn't going to be eye-popping, but it'll still be a big upgrade over 1080p smart tables.

Built in the US, the table features an all-new design, with an aircraft-grade aluminium build that hides a quad core Intel Core i7 processor, alongside an unspecified Nvidia discrete graphics card. As with other Duet-line products, the table is designed to allow up to four users to interact with it at once, with screen tech from 3M that allows for 60 simultaneous touch points.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the new table is its support for real-world, or what the company is calling "tangible" objects. This lets you interact with the table using things like coffee cups or wine glasses. Speaking of the latter, Ideum has actually created an example of how the tech could be used, authoring an augmented wine tasting experience.

As glasses containing new wines are added to the table, four participants are shown a presentation about the wine, with tasting notes and other info available on the display. It's easy to imagine restaurants, museums and other businesses being interested in that sort of augmented experience for their customers.

How is that virtual/real-world interaction achieved? Fairly simply actually, through the use of 3D-printed capacitive markers that fit into the bottom of objects. There's software built into the surface that's designed to recognize the printed patterns, with the company working with several partners to produce the markers.

While the 55-inch Duet UHD table is the new product on the block, those capacitive markers will actually work with other 55 and 65-inch tables, as long as they're models carrying touch tech from 3M. The markers themselves will be sold separately, shipping later this year.

It's safe to say that the new UHD Duet coffee table is likely to interest businesses more than it is individuals buying for their home. The company is taking orders right now, with units expected to ship in four to eight weeks' time. Ideum told Gizmag that while it doesn't put out specific pricing information for its products, that they range from US$6,000 to $20,000. Considering the high-end nature of the new Duet, it's likely to hit closer to the top end of that scale.

For more on the new table, you can take a look at the video below.

Source: Ideum

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