New Mexico's multi-touch hardware and software company Ideum has launched its fastest, most expandable, and most versatile multitouch table, the Pro Lab. The active 3D LED LCD touch display boasts a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and sits atop a computer-packing pedestal with up to 24 terabytes of removable storage.

Designed for multi-user museum exhibits, fast-paced computer gaming and processor-intensive applications such as visualizations and simulations, the Pro Lab table features the same kind of capacitive touch technology found in smartphones and tablets, just on a much bigger scale. Having the same sharp resolution as last year's refreshed Pro model, Ideum says that the table's new 55-inch projected capacitive touch screen, or P-CAP for short, is not subject to interference from light, is capable of supporting up to 100 simultaneous touch points and promises a response time of 5 ms.

The screen is housed in an aluminum frame that's just 1-inch thin at its edges, thickening to 2 inches toward the center. According to its makers, this means that the Pro Lab also takes the crown for the world's thinnest large-format multitouch display.

Inside the table's lockable aircraft-grade aluminum pedestal is a computer with an Intel Core i7 processor, 32 GB of DDR3 RAM and enough room for three removable hard drives for up to 24 TB of storage. The system comes with Windows 8 Professional pre-loaded and also benefits from a Yamaha sound system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communication, an RFID reader and a built-in uninterruptible power supply.

The company's creative director and CEO Jim Spadaccini told us that a Pro Lab table with 24 TB of storage will cost in the region of US$24,000. The system is available for purchase now, with the first units ready for shipping by the first week in April.

Source: Ideum

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