Where most smart padlocks steer clear of numbered combination codes, the new Igloohome Smart Padlock puts its number keypad at the forefront. Though it shares many features with other Bluetooth padlocks like the Noke, Quicklock and Master Lock, Igloohome's alternative is designed with sharing in mind, and includes some smart features for Airbnb owners in particular.

Igloohome allows its owner to create a number of different PIN codes which can be shared with various people. Like other smartlocks, you can also grant access via a smartphone app, allowing access to another smartphone owner whose device becomes a Bluetooth key to the lock. But the additional support for PINs means you can allow access to people without a smartphone, or without the hassle of downloading and setting up an app. You can simply send them a message with the PIN instead.

An accompanying app tracks use of the lock so you can see who has used it and when. Since each user has a different code, it's possible to match each use of the lock with a person. Bluetooth key use can be tracked remotely, but not PIN access: the owner will need to come within Bluetooth range of the lock to pick up that data.

Access can be granted for a limited time period – a feature which Igloohome has built on with what it calls Airbnb Connect. This synchronizes the lock with an Airbnb owner's calendar to automatically generate PINs for each booking and revoke access after checkout. PINs can also be created for one-time use only, and each lock also comes with a unique QR code which can be used to request access from the owner.

The lock comes with some other smart safety features. Its makers say it's sturdy and secure thanks to its hardened steel design. It has an in-built alarm which sounds after several incorrect PIN guesses to deter tampering. It also sounds when not properly locked to prompt users to return to the lock to make sure that it's secure. And it allows PIN masking, so users wary of being seen can enter the correct PIN amid other incorrect key presses and still open the lock.

Igloohome says the lock's battery will last one year, and can only be accessed when the lock is open. An alert lets users know when the battery needs to be replaced. Should the battery run out, the lock has electrical contact points to apply an emergency boost from another battery.

The Smart Padlock is seeking funding on Indiegogo, where it has more than doubled its US$50,000 goal with 25 days to go. At the time of writing, it's still possible to pledge $69 for a single lock. Should all go to plan, delivery is estimated for April 2019.

You can see a promo video for Igloohome's Smart Padlock below.

Source: Indiegogo

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