We're big fans of Indian's new flat-track streetbike, but its production exhaust detracts significantly from the look we fell in love with. Aftermarket to the rescue! These S&S exhausts bring the FTR1200 back much closer to the look of the original Custom we lost our minds over last year.

In the week since Indian launched its FTR1200 streetbike, a lot of online discussion has focused on how and where it falls short of the gorgeous FTR1200 Custom concept bike that caused such a frenzy last year.

But it's amazing what a simple set of pipes can do. We have no idea whether those small heat shields will protect your legs from getting burned, but if you wanna get the FTR streetbike looking as close as possible to the Custom, it seems a pair of pipes does just about all the heavy lifting.

They're only prototypes for the moment, but you can bet they'll be ready to go pronto when the bike hits showrooms. We've asked the S&S Cycle team what the heat's going to be like on your legs, we'll update this piece if and when they get back to us.

In the meanwhile, though, it looks amazing. If this can be done without third degree thigh burns, all our doubts are gone and the title of World's Sexiest Production Streetbike In Our Humble Opinion is Indian's to lose. Check out our interview with FTR1200 designer Rich Christoph.

Source: S&S Cycle

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